Outlet Vents, Connectors and Clips

This section contains the Webasto HADS range of outlet vents, connector pieces and clips and accessories for the ducting system foir all warm air heating.

'T' piece - 90/90/90mm Part No.9009265C
'T' piece - 90/90/90mm 
'T' piece - 90/60/90mm Part No.9009267B
'T' piece - 90/60/90mm 
90mm outlet closeable Part No.9012291A
90mm outlet closeable 
90mm Outlet vent - 90 Degree Part No.9012288B
90mm Outlet vent - 90 Degree 
90mm Outlet 45 degree Part No.9012285A
90mm Outlet 45 degree 
Reducer - 90/80mm Part No.9009270B
Reducer - 90/80mm 
'T' piece - 60/60/60mm Part No.9009266C
'T' piece - 60/60/60mm 
'Y' piece assymetric - 60/60/60mm Part No.9009264B
'Y' piece assymetric - 60/60/60mm 
'Y' piece assymetric 90/60/90mm Part No.9009263B
'Y' piece assymetric 90/60/90mm 
'Y' piece reducer - 80/60/60mm Part No.9009262B
'Y' piece reducer - 80/60/60mm 
Elbow - 90mm black Part No.9009260C
Elbow - 90mm black 
Ducting pipe connector 60mm Part No.9009258C
Ducting pipe connector 60mm 
Backing nut - 90mm black Part No.9009240B
Backing nut - 90mm black 
Backing nut - 60mm black Part No.9009239B
Backing nut - 60mm black 
Ducting connector pipe 80mmx80mm Part No.495646
Ducting connector pipe 80mmx80mm 
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