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Thermo Top E 4.2 kW 12V PETROL Basic vehicle kit - without operating control (9003169C) SPECIAL OFFER

Thermo Top E 4.2 kW 12V PETROL Basic vehicle kit - without operating control
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Webasto Thermo Top E 4.2 kW basic universal vehicle 12V kit - without operating control

The Webasto Thermo Top E heater kit has been specially designed for petrol cars and 4x4's etc. and can be used as an auxillary heater/parking heater to ensure that your vehicles interior is warm, your windows are defrosted and your engine is pre-heated, which can significantly reduce engine wear, keep emmisions lower and increase fuel efficiency when starting from cold.  

This heater kit does not come with an operating control, giving you the choice to use the control method that best suits your needs and your lifestyle. Choose between a remote control fob which works at a 1000 metre radius from the heater,  a timer mounted in the vehicle that you can pre-set with different start times, or the ultimate control - Thermo Call TC3 which allows you to control the heater from a smart phone app!


Webasto parking Heater Video


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Thermo Top operating Data Chart


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