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Webasto Thermo Pro 90 24V Marine Kit (4111185D) SPECIAL OFFER

Webasto Thermo Pro 90 24V Marine Kit

Webasto Thermo Pro 90

Suitable for larger installations up to 9.1 kW .This heater is capable of continuously variable temperature adjustment, high heat output and an extremely low noise level.
The Thermo Pro 90 heater is capable of a heat output of 9.1kw suitable for the larger craft, i.e. a Dutch Barge where the radiator output is great enough due to the larger cabin space and number of radiators.

The latest upgrades have seen the introduction of continuos monitoring of water temperatures and exhaust gases to regulate the heat output from the burner, to produce an exact amount of heat to maintain the temperature required. This ensures that the heater runs at its most efficient, together with the possibility of running to as low as 1.8kW of output, make this the only heater of choice for those craft demanding a greater heat output.
Its compact dimensions enable the unit to be fitted in many locations.
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