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Airtop Evo Controller Unit 12/24V Marine (1322720A)

Airtop Evo Controller Unit 12/24V Marine
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Airtop Evo Controller Unit 12/24V Marine


Multi-function control panel featuring: - main power on/off switch, four speed fan controller and temperature rheostat.

The four positions are:

Eco - Energy Saving Mode. The heater switches to power & fuel saving operation, saving battery power and fuel used to maintain a moderate temperature in the cabin. Depending on the size of the area to be heated, the ambient temperature and the desired interior temperature, it is possible that the interior temperature may not be attained in this mode.

Normal - Comfort Heating. In this mode the unit runs at the maximum nominal power. Air is heated up to the desired temperature. Select this mode for fast warming of the cabin or to maintain a moderate temperature level.

Plus - Fast Heating. The heater will temporarily run at an increased amount of power. This makes it possible to heat up air to the desired temperature in a short time. The operation time for this mode is limited, after this timed period, or when the desired temperature is reached, the heater will automatically switch to the normal mode of operation.

Fan - Ventilation. In this mode only the units fan is operated. The fan speed can be adjusted by the temperature selector. This mode provides a flow of fresh air and can be used to control the interior.

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