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The diesel-powered water stations from Webasto heat the boat’s interior and the tap water on board and are available in four different versions with five power settings. The integrated hot water reservoir ensures that warm water is available within a short amount of time. The four versions of water station (central heating, central heating with warm water boiler, central heating with integrated plate heat exchanger and central heating for air conditioning integration) are available in capacities from 11.6 to 35 kW (11.6 kW, 16 kW, 23 kW, 30 kW & 35 kW).

This range of models ensures that different boat sizes and models can be ideally supplied with warm water and heated air. The water stations operate quietly, can be operated independently from the ship’s generator with a 12 V or 24 V battery power system, and are particularly compact in all power settings and versions. With a standard size of 800x520x270 millimeters, they require very little installation space on board.

Water Station DBW2010 Part No.3391617A
Water Station DBW2010 
DBW 2010 Water Station c/w Boiler Part No.3391618A
DBW 2010 Water Station c/w Boiler 
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