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Energy Control. Energy saving products to make cotherm leads development in on board cooling!


Isotherm ASU was the first system which automatically regulated the speed of the compressor by registering the level of refrigeration required and the electrical power available at any given time, a technique that is  becoming one of the future energy-saving systems even for household refrigerators.

It has the ability to determine when a surplus of power is available.The heart in the Isotherm system is the all new Secop compressor, for which we have developed a new generation of the patented ASU "Automatic Start Up" electronic control system.Together with an Isotherm holding plate they are an unbeatable combination. The new smaller, Secop compressors are even more power efficient, still almost silent when running, they work in a mixture of oil and refrigerant this helps contribute to the extremely quiet running and long life expected from the hermetically sealed compressor.   

The Isotherm speciality, is in that all the compressors are running on a three-phase electric system, as all other high efficiency electric motors. The three-phase current is created in a small microprocessor. In this "computer" we have also been able to programme in a number of functions that check and control many of the units systems thus achieving the lowest possible power consumption, a system which Indel have been developing this system for many years. The same compressor is used for both 12 V and 24 V systems and the electronic unit is able to protect itself from an accidental reversal of voltage polarity, however the most advanced part of the system is still the ASU "Automatic Start Up"!

Third generation refrigeration compressors with refined ASU system.

The new Danfoss compressor is not only smaller, it is also considerably lighter and more power efficient.In a system without ASU, the power savings could be as much as 20% compared with older compressor types. With ASU and other refinements, power consumption could be reduced by as much as 50% compared to previous models. It is so quiet that we now include a speed control feature for the fan as this created even more noise than the compressor. The new ASU system now runs both the compressor and fan as slowly as possible when running only on battery power.

How much power is needed?

This is the most frequently asked question of all. For our complete Isotherm refrigerators and boxes, we can give exact power consumption figures as we know their size and quality of insulation. It is more difficult to quote a figure for our refrigeration systems as we do not know the exact size of the box, or even more important, the quality and thickness of the insulation material used. The power consumption figures given for a particular volume are therefore calculated for an insulation material of medium quality and thickness. The average power consumption is given in Ampere/hour.


Isotherm ASU Control Panel Part No.SEF00008DA
Isotherm ASU Control Panel 
Isotherm Smart Energy Control Part No.SED00033AA
Isotherm Smart Energy Control 
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